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FM and openBIM” Project 1 Workgroups starting document (25-09-2021)

This 1-page guide serves to help activate all experts participating in one of the 5 use-case/case-study workgroups. It describes the content of the 5 whitepapers to be delivered and the organizational support. In line with the BuildingSMART International (bSI) policies the Standards Committee (SC) approved version 3 of the Detailed Project Plan (DPP). Please visit Box to download your copy of the approved DPP and browse all collected background information on use-cases/case-studies, FM and sectors in focus. Please contact workgroup members to start answering the question ‘What do FMs need from BIM?’, which will allow creating the ‘Golden Thread FM and openBIM’. To be more specific: ‘What information management requirements of professionals in cleaning, catering, workplace management, space management and asset maintenance do we have to include in:

  1. an openBIM FMIR and FMIDM/H standard based on the ISO41000 series that will make automation of handover/transfer and revision of data more accessible for FM;
  2. based on 1., an openBIM FMCDE standard that will increase real estate value by 2%, bring down FM failure costs by 5% and simplify FM services processes.


The project is steered by the Building Room Steering Committee (BRSC). Its Project Team (PT) is led by Fred Kloet (chair), Alexander Worp (vice-chair) and Susan Keenliside (chair expert group). PT members participate in the workgroups. The BRSC and PT meet monthly to discuss progress and results. All those participating are expected to promote the “FM and openBIM”  activities in order to help find relevant input from the market and funding for project 2; the actual writing of the draft ISO openBIM standards FMIR, FMIDM/H and FMCDE (in accordance with ‘The bSI Process’). These will then be delivered to the ISO/TC 267. Official presentations and workshops of this project will be given by PT members only at the price mentioned in the DPP (see 8.1). The delivered whitepapers will be produced and published by the bSI office with the objective to promote the contribution of all experts and raise more awareness in the sectors mentioned as well as ensure alignment with the local ‘FM Rooms’ of the national bSI chapters.

Workgroups will deliver their draft whitepaper to the PT on December 6, 2021, using a similar format to ‘BIM for IWMS/CAFM/FMIS– part 2’. The whitepapers will answer questions like:

1. Where to connect the ISO 41000-series content with existing bSI work,

2. What are the issues causing the failure costs for FM?

3. What FM actions can lead to increased real estate value?

4. What opportunities do an FMIR Protocol, FMIDM/H and FMCDE deliver?

5. What does this specific FM Service industry and client sector need?

6. What are the pains/gains in using BIM for tor this specific FM Service?

All experts are committed to work at least 2 hours per week in-kind on one use-case. Workgroups share their documents in the workgroup Box-directory. Workgroups use the bSI Use Case Management Service and Monday.

All experts are expected to be a bSI member and have studied the ISO 41000 definition of FM and  ISO/TC 267, as well as the sites of PuRe-Net, Global FM, IFMA ITC, ZHAW FM and FMN.  Experts are also expected to be aware of the bSI Vison, their Technical Roadmap, the Digital Twin position paper, the table of IFC Certified Software, the existing standards and Leon van Berlo’s Golden Thread presentation. Workgroups are expected to include this knowledge and to address the use-case / case-studies defined in DPP paragraph 4.3, without limiting their focus to the sector mentioned. The result should also be applicable to other sectors (80/20). PT-members coordinating the workgroups are:

1. Cleaning of Airports: Alexander Worp and Duncan Waddel

2. Workplaces in Public Government Real Estate: Susan Keenliside, Steen Sunesen and Svein Hakon

3. Asset Maintenance Planning for Hospitals: Salla Eckhardt and Ryan Tenneson

4. Space Management at Universities: Hans Hendriks and Patrick Wallis

5. Business Catering at Corporate Offices: Daniel Stonecipher and Fred Kloet


Please contact the PT-member coordinating your workgroup to start the work. For administrative questions or discussing funding project 2, please contact Jon Proctor. All 5 whitepapers, the Golden Thread publication and all 3 draft standards publications are still open for sponsoring.